Ron Watkins for Congress

Arizona District #2

Professor’s Record

In this episode of the Professor’s Record, David Clements speaks with Arizona Congressional candidate, Ron Watkins, a cyber security specialist, known by many as “Code Monkey Z.” We discuss his role in protecting internet freedom on the “8chan” and “8kun” platforms, Q origins, how he got got his hands on Dominion election manuals, and why he’s running for Congress. You can watch the full interview here.


In the Jeff.Pro interview with Jeffrey Peterson, Ron talks about his journey with technology, from growing up and first discovering programming, to becoming an experienced server administrator with BSD Unix and the Haskell programming language. Ron discusses how electing tech-savvy representatives can change the course of American history. You can listen to the full audio interview here.

Conservative Daily

December 14, 2021 – Conservative Daily was joined by Ron Watkins and Joe Oltmann to discuss a variety of topics including voter fraud, the audit, medical tyranny, and his campaign for Congress in Arizona! You can watch the full video interview on Rumble here.

Dr. Zelenko Interview

Ron Watkins discusses with Dr. Zelenko and Tony Teora about the origin of COVID-19, the dangers of experimental vaccines, VAIDS, safety of intimate contact with vaccinated partners, and what you can do if you have already taken the vaccine. Dr. Zelenko is a data driven evidence based doctor who many say has saved millions of lives through his protocols.  He’s had many world leaders use his treatments including  President Donald Trump. Dr. Zelenko discusses the potential reasons behind the insane […]